Station :- Buckley

Total distance app 5 miles (8km) taking app 2 – 3 hours but route can be split into two separate walks by starting or finishing at Penyffordd station.

A fairly comfortable walk but with one or two short, sharp inclines. Sections of this walk are through fields and can be quite muddy. Views include mountain ranges, with a particularly good view of Moel Fammau. Much of the walk is dominated by the intrusive sight of the cement works, but, by turning one’s back, one can enjoy the pleasures of a beautiful countryside. Points of interest include the remains of Buckley’s industrial past (accessible from the walk -please see main text); a short stretch of the old railway line to Mold; and a brief stroll along some remains of Wat’s Dyke.

  1. Leaving the station from the Liverpool bound side take the access road up to the main road and turn left. After 200 yards take the footpath over the stile on your left. Before commencing the walk from this point you may wish to cross the main road and take the footpath leading onto Knowle Hill. The walk from here is part of the Buckley Heritage trail and takes you along a disused railway line and through a site containing remnants of Buckley’s Industrial past. Among the remains to be seen are traces of the former brick and pottery works and the old tramway etc.. The Heritage Walk takes approximately one and a half hours and can be walked as an alternative to the suggested route. For a leaflet and information about the walk telephone 01244 814931.
  2. Continuing the main walk from the stile walk up the field keeping the field boundary on your left. As you reach the highest point you are presented with views of Hope mountain to the south and the Clwydian hills to the west.
  3. Carry on down to the stile onto the roadway, turn right and follow the roadway for 50 yards before taking the footpath to your left. You will now cross a small paddock onto a track and immediately opposite you should take the narrow path at the side of the old cottage.
  4. From this path you will emerge on to some grass and a farm track. Turn left along the farm track and after 30 yards pass a small pond on your right. Cross the stile by the pond and, keeping the field boundaries on your left for 150 yards, ignore the first stile but go through the gate which is a further 25 yards on.
  5. Turn right and, keeping the field boundaries on your right, head for the large barn-like building. Here the path becomes a track which you follow to the junction where you turn left towards Spon Farm. Just before the farm take the stile on your left to go round the farm buildings, through the farmyard, and out into a field through a small metal gate.
  6. Follow the telegraph poles along here until they reach the field boundary, then, keeping the field boundary on your left, walk down to the main road (A5118). Turn right along the road and after 30 yards pick up the path again with the field boundary to your left.
  7. After 400 yards you will see a platform stile, cross this stile and, keeping the field boundary now on your right, walk down to the disused railway line. This area is known locally as “the White Steps”. Cross over the track bed and up the steps to a field. The mound running through the field is part of Wat’s Dyke. Cross the field diagonally, using Wat’s Dyke, to the gate (this area can be very muddy). There is an alternative route from the platform stile (GR 288622). Walk directly South Eastwards across two fields and into the cement works tip. Continue through here and emerge onto the disused railway line at GR 290618. Cross the disused track bed and, keeping the field boundary to your left walk up to the gate in the corner of the field where you will rejoin the main route.
  8. Passing through the gate continue with the field boundary on your right for about 1 kilometre passing under power lines on the way. This leads you to the crossing next to Penyffordd station. Care This line is used by freight trains so it cannot be assumed that, if a passenger train is not timetabled, it is safe to cross without taking the usual precautions. You may wish to terminate your walk here. Alternatively if you prefer a shorter walk you can begin here and follow the subsequent directions. If, at this point, you require some refreshment follow the directions to The Red Lion.
  9. Cross the station car park and leave via the access road, continue up to the roundabout, cross the by pass and walk through towards the village. At the point where The Red Lion is on your right take the path to your left, through a small housing estate and back out into the fields. Keeping the field boundaries and ditch on your right proceed up to the stile leading to the bypass.
  10. Cross this busy road, turn right and walk as far as the continuation of the footpath on your left. Continue, with the field boundaries on your right, until you reach a farm track. Follow the track till you reach the A5118. Cross this road and continue down the metalled lane until you reach another busy road. You now have a choice of two routes back to Buckley Station, the quickest being the first described.
  11. Route One – Turn left down the road and, just before the hump backed bridge, turn right along Little Mountain Road then take the “Rail” sign posted footpath on your left directly on to the station.
  12. Route Two – Cross the busy road and opposite is a bridleway called Bannel Lane. Part of this bridleway can become waterlogged. Continue along this bridleway until you reach the A549 (The Dirty Mile). Turn left and follow the road until you reach the sign posted station approach road which you used at the start of your walk. Return to the station along this road.