Station :- Caergwrle

Total distance app 4.5 miles taking app 2.75 hours but route can be split into two separate walks on each side of the road running through the village.

A more strenuous walk but with superb views from the top of the castle hill and Hope Mountain. Route includes roadways, pathways and public rights of way. Points of interest include the ruins of the 13th. century castle, burnt down in 1282, and the packhorse bridge over the river Alyn.

  1. From the Liverpool Bound platform turn right and go up Castle Street which is facing you From the Wrexham bound platform go down the pathway and turn left under the railway bridge and then right into Castle Street.
  2. Follow Castle Street as it sweeps round to the left and you will arrive outside the Post Office.
  3. Immediately past the post office is the foot of the path to the castle ruins. You may, or may not, wish to make the climb up to the castle which is quite rewarding.
  4. Continuing away from the village you will pass the old Police Station on your left and then, on the right, the new Police Station alongside which is a short footpath.
  5. Take the footpath at the end of this which you turn left, following the roadway uphill and round to the right.
  6. On the bend is a cul-de-sac, Plas-yn-Bwl. Go along this cul-de-sac and take the footpath on the right which runs between stone walls and trees to a metal stile into an open field.
  7. Cross straight across the field to a stone stile which cannot be seen until you get close. Cross the stile and turn immediately right and then cross another stone stile adjoining a gate. Take the right hand path alongside a stone wall then follow it as it turns away from the wall and leads you to Bryn Yorkin Road.
  8. Crossing the road enter Bryn Yorkin Estate between two pillars and follow the drive until you reach a wooden gate bearing the name The Malt House.
  9. Turn right along the footpath which passes a row of houses and left past a duck pond.
  10. As you go through a wooden gate, turn right again and take the path which leads uphill. You will then reach an old wooden stile and at this point you should double back on yourself to the left and continue walking uphill through the trees and into an open field. Cross the field diagonally and, still climbing, head for the stile at the top.
  11. After crossing the stile turn right into the lane which you follow until you have passed Sands farm.
  12. Take the next road on the right past a house called The Groes and continue downhill through two bends and past a farm and a cottage both called Ochr. You now come to a sign for Fairview and, just past this, cross the stile on your left and take an immediate right turn.
  13. Follow the footpath downhill along the field’s edge, cross another stile and continue until you have passed under some telephone wires then you bear left and cross another stile. Continue to the bottom of the field and follow the path through bracken and over another stile. Cross the road and take the path to the left through the housing estate back to the main road in Caergwrle. This is a convenient point at which to curtail the walk or, alternatively, begin the shorter segment. If ending the walk turn right and return to the station via Castle Street. If starting the short walk, turn right at the top of Castle Street and walk along to the point where the buildings on your right come to an end
  14. On the side away from Hope Mountain cross the stone stile close to the last house in the village and, using the footpath, cross the field diagonally to the left and through the gap in the hedge.
  15. Continue in the same direction and, after crossing two stiles you will come to the River Alyn. Take the riverside path until, just before the road bridge, you can cross the river using an old stone bridge.
  16. Turn right and follow the riverside path in the opposite direction to which you have just come, crossing a stile in the process. As you approach the railway bridge there is a second stile which you cross and then follow a path which runs into a tarmac path. As you reach the railway bridge there is a footpath to your left. This is the approach to Hope Station where you can terminate the walk if you wish.
  17. You then proceed under the railway and take the right hand footpath along the back of a row of gardens. Entering the playing fields by way of another stile, walk along beside the railway line and continue until you reach the road (Fellows Lane).
  18. Turn right and, following the lane, continue across Packsaddle bridge until you reach Derby road where you turn left, and, continuing left, follow the road round to the station. You may wish to pass under the railway bridge and spend some quiet reflective moments in the riverside gardens alongside the bridge over the river, or partake of some refreshment at the historic Bridge Inn, before