Station :- Hawarden

Distance app 2.25 miles taking app 1.25 hours.

A fairly easy walk, mainly on the level, along lanes and public rights of way through the countryside between Hawarden and Mancot. A point of interest is the stretch along the trackbed which formed part of the tramway known as Rigby’s Tramway. This was used to transport coal and other goods between Hawarden and the quayside at Mancot.

  1. Leave the station by the main approach road and turn right at the top. Walk towards the shopping area along The Highway and into Glynne Way. Pass the Glynne Arms on your left
  2. Take the next turning on your left which is Crosstree Lane. You will see a school on your right and just before the school, also on your right, is a sign posted public footpath. Keeping the chain-link fence on your left continue along the path until you come into open fields.
  3. Immediately ahead of you there is a long hedge. Go to the end of the hedge keeping it on your right. A direction sign now leads you to a marker near to a white cottage where you cross a stile and turn sharp left.
  4. Proceed along the boundary of the field to the next stile. Keeping the house on your far right.
  5. Turn right along the farm track into the farm yard, past the thatched cottage and on to the end of the track.
  6. Turn left into Moor Lane and go along the lane to the first junction.
  7. Turn left into Duckers Lane. Continue along here for some way until you find a metal stile on your left hand side.
  8. Cross the stile and, keeping the hedge to your left follow a grassy track which leads to a slightly raised track, which used to be a tramway, across a field with a hedge on your right hand side.
  9. Proceeding towards the houses ahead go past a pathway joining from the right and cross the stile, bear slightly left and cross another stile, this being a tall, ladder-type, leading into a copse. Continue along the raised tramway track through some oak trees and at the end cross the stile into the field
  10. Keeping the hedge on your right proceed to Ash Lane which is reached through a kissing gate.
  11. Turn left into the lane and go along to Cross Tree lane where you turn right. As you near the end of the road turn left through the lych gate into the churchyard. Walk to the church.
  12. Turn right through the church gates and along to the end of Church Lane where you rejoin The Highway and Glynne Way.
  13. To return to the station turn right (taking care not to turn sharp right up Gladstone Way). If you have some time to wait before the train is due you may wish to turn left and partake of some refreshment at the Glynne Arms.